Advantages WAMA MIS pcd
  • User friendly; no special trained personnel needed to handle the pcd.
  • Complies to specifications of guideline EN-ISO 15883, part 2 and 5.
  • Tests in one cycle six machine MIS connections.
  • Testing of different diameters combined in one pcd.
  • Functions with all types of machines.
  • Most realistic test load for testing cleaning efficacy of instrument washer and disinfectors.
Indicator flow principle
The MIS pcd has a patented system in which the size of the "test chamber" is such that the flow along the strips is
equal to the speed in the tube channels. The test soil is adapted to have the width of the tube and is in fact part of the
tube surface when places in position. This gives the most realistic efficacy measurement.

Cleaning test
Every tube is tested individually with a test soil in the special indicator holder with different tube diameters, this is a worst case position as the mechanical working and flow of the fluids are on their lowest. The six test strips are placed inside the basin and on the rack.